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December 7, 2014

Today on the African Queens show we will be discussing about women and the constitution, as usual gracing the throne room, will be none other than the superwoman herself Mrs, Benadetha Mkandya. She is an independent lawyer also works with TWLA  and not forgetting her contribution to the Gender Forum Coalition, she will discuss with us a lot regarding to the constitution as she is a lawyer we will Know a lot about the rights of women and many more, keep listening, send in your questions, views, comments and requests.




November 30, 2014

Today on the African queens show, we are discussing about sextortion / gender violence, and on the throne room we have a representative from the police gender desk and a representative from Legal aid, who will be explaining to us all about legal frame work in regards to sextortion and gender based violence, how one can seek legal help and how justice for victims can be achieved, stay tuned send us your tweets, questions and comments on twitter and on facebook.


November 23, 2014

Good morning to you African Queens Fans, it’s another Sunday and as usual we have an interesting topic for you, “Sextortion”  basing on the legal aspects this time. And on the throne room with us today is Miss Elizabeth Mkwizu all the way from TAWJA, she will be explaining to you all about sextortion. stay tuned for any comments, questions and most importantly for the knowledge.

Elizebeth Mkwizu

Elizabeth Mkwizu



November 16, 2014

Today on the show we have Philomena Modu gracing the throne room, and she will be discussing with us all about sextortion.

Philomena works with the Women Fund Tanzania, and has a lot of  knowledge on issues regarding women, she will explain to us what sextortion is all about and much more.

Public Relations and Personal Branding

October 26, 2014

Today on the African Queens show, we will be discussing Public relations and personal branding, as usual today we have a special guest for you gracing the throne room, it’s the multi-talented PR officer Tanya Mulamula from Studio Red Public Relations.

Tanya Mulamula

Tanya Mulamula

Tanya is passionate and greatly involved in issues connected to women empowerment and early childhood education, she is the founder and Managing Director of Studio Red Public Relations, and  with her skills and passion Tanya  has managed to take on an active role in her grandfather’s charity titled the MwalimuNovatiRutageruka Foundation. The foundation’s mission is to provide pre-elementary education to young boys and girls in Bukoba.

It’s a man’s world (women in entertainment)

October 12, 2014

This morning on the African Queens show, we will be discussing about women in the entertainment industry again it’s a man’s world, and on the throne room we have a special guest for you Ms. Karoline Klaire Mees, a professional  photographer, designer and art director at AIM group company. She will be in the studio sharing her experience as a female Photographer and her life as female entertainer.

Karoline Klaire Mees

Karoline Klaire Mees

It’s a man’s world

October 5, 2014

This  morning  on the African Queens Show we are talking about  “a man’s world” and how women have managed to break through that world, doing things that are believed to exist only in a man’s world, i’m talking about female pilots, engineers, business women, politicians and many more, and  on the show we have a beautiful soul Ms. Alana Dunbar who will be discussing the topic with your host on the throne room.



Alana Dunbar is a Canadian Creative Project Manager at Archipelago, a Communications, Events and Design company in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Alana has loved and studied Africa for as long as she can remember. Studying Africa, Gender and Literature in Canada, Alana traveled to Dar es salaam for research and exchange and then returned to work after falling in love with Tanzania. Alana has been working primarily with Marie Stopes Tanzania consulting on the Chagua Maisha – The Good Life campaign, promoting family planning and female youth empowerment!

women and law

September 28, 2014

Good morning to you African Queens Fan,  it’s yet another day a blessed Sunday and on the show this time we will be discussing about women and law, as usual we bring you guests from all places, and today we have been honored by the presence of this inspirational, beautiful soul on the Throne room,  Margareth Maganga.

magreth maganga

Margareth Maganga

she is a young tenacious lawyer at Clyde & Co Tanzania. Author of A Journey through Darkness, an autobiography narrating her traumatic experience of suddenly going blind at the tender age of 19. Founder of Margareth Maganga Hope for the Blind, a registered Trust set up to help visually impaired and partially sighted children gain access to education and enhance their self reliance. Winner of the 2013 Tanzania Young Professionals Award, SAGE Category for her inspiring work in the community.

Margareth completed her primary and secondary schooling in Nairobi, Kenya and pursued her Law degree at the University of Leeds, UK where she graduated with Honors. She went onto to pursue her Postgraduate Diploma in Legal Training-the Bar- at the Law School of Tanzania.She is a young, determined lady whose ambition is to join the ranks of the powerful and influential women in Tanzania and abroad.


charity and volunteering .

September 21, 2014

Good morning to you African queens project fun, it’s another blessed Sunday, and today on the show our discussion will focus on charity and volunteering, later on the throne room, you will be listening our one and only Theddy Ladislaus,  a 22-year-old, youth activist, policy maker and the youngest delegate in the constituent assembly of Tanzania.

She has always believed in volunteerism as the key pillar to her success and a great pave to attaining her long time vision.

She’s built on spirituality, self-success and the desire to help the community especially youths and the less privileged and make them change their mindset to see every challenge as an opportunity.

Theddy Ladislaus,

Theddy Ladislaus,

She believes in volunteerism as a core responsibility of being a human since no one has made it through life without someone else’s help. She has been a volunteer and member in YUNA, UNCTN, Maanisha! Foundation, SAVITA,CYNESA, MAGIS,ROTARACT to mention a few and a leader at Loyola High School, Vice President at Mzumbe University, CYNESA Tanzania. Hall of Fame Tanzania and most important the youngest delegate in the constituent Assembly


September 14, 2014

This Morning on the African Queens Show we are looking at the fashion industry and in the studio with us is the very talented

Kemi Kalikawe… one of the best designers in Tanzania! and  the founder of Naledi- A school for fashion and design.

Kemi Kalikawe

Kemi Kalikawe


Kemi is an Interior Designer, Art Director & creative entrepreneur by profession,  cheerful, spunky, outgoing person. she has passion for anything creative and does a lot of different artistic activities .

She is deeply passionate about enabling the youth and helping young designers become more effective in their careers . she  established Naledi in 2008 as an Interior Designer studio, but being inspired by all forms of design and creativity she found fashion a natural progression from interior design and soft furnishings.

Over the past years  Kemi had the opportunity to merge her two passions by working as an Art Director in film and TV. Naledi which means “star” in Setswana is now an independent design company based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

African Queens Show – Women and Arts: Chi Temu

September 7, 2014

This Morning on the African Queens Show we are looking at women in the creative arts industry and in the studio with us we have the very talented African soul sister Miss Chi Temu!

Chi Temu









Born in Senegal, Internationally grown, hailing from Tanzania and residing in Liverpool; Chi is a nomadic music traveller who has roots in the Soul, R&B, and old school Blues and Rock with the lyrical styling of a Neo-Soul revolutionary.

From the young age of 3 with her face glued to an MTV brimming with a plethora of talent,Chi could sense that music said what we could not and made us feel like nothing before or after it. As soon as she felt she’d learnt the basics to teach herself piano she began writing at 13. Urged on and wanting to expand her musical horizons she picked up a guitar, looking for new sounds and emotions, and has never looked back.

Currently collaborating and constantly evolving, nothing makes her happier than the energy and intimacy of a live performance swiftly followed by a dance party :). Find her on your nearest street corner busking, and bar bashing out husky power vocals or just wait till she opens her mouth, a song is bound to come out.



Mental health

August 31, 2014 2 Comments

Today we continue our discussion on Mental Health Awareness with a focus on rape, on the Throne Room this morning we have Lydia who  has an extremely powerful story about sexuality and depression Lydia is a very inspiring woman, Tanzanian born, self proclaimed social-political armchair activist,  she is a writer and Journalist among other things.

she is not only multilingual but she is also culturally sensitive, She believes in the freedom one gets from books she believes in equality amongst individuals regardless of race, sexuality or gender.



women mental health

August 24, 2014

Sitawa Wafula

Sitawa Wafula

We are exited to have Sitwa Wafula today on the African Queens Show,  Sitawa is  an over comer, she is doing great things with her life, she is a true description of a PHENOMENAL WOMAN.

She is a poet, an across the board teacher – Mathematics tutor, poetry workshops to life coaching especially for rape victims,  also a volunteer, an event’s organizer and an entrepreneur, mental health & epilepsy crusader who recently got awarded for the East Africa Philanthropy Awards . She also owns an events company, Events by Sitawa and a jewelry line O-collection.

Today Sitawa will be Discussing with us the topic Women and Mental Health, where she will share her sad but motivating, inspirational life story, her struggles with epilepsy and how she managed to over come the tragic rape experience that changed her entire life.

August 17, 2014

today morning (10am – 12PM local time) on the African Queens Show we are discussing women in business, the independent women, entrepreneurs.  And on the throne room we have none other than the Charming, smart, loyal…very loving,caring and God Fearing Mama Nyama choma festival herself,  Miss Carol Ndossi. She opens up her heart about her journey and how Nyama Choma Festival started!

Carol Ndosi

Carol Ndosi

Carol Ndosi has years of Media experience, she is  the owner and CEO of the Nyama Choma Festival an event in Dar es salaam that is a brand, fully patented, It is the one and only event that offers a unique experience every three months in Dar es Salaam. Did we mention she is a multi skilled person, a researcher, events manager and runs her own single mother foundation (CSMF).


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